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TurkeySmr14 -  522This image was taken in a plaza outside the Spice Market in Old Istanbul. There is a strange juxtaposition of the scantily-clothed girls on the background advertisement who seem to be looking at the conservative muslim women in head-to-toe black attire.


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Bronze Gate   1 comment

TurkeySmr14 -  512

This bronze burnished figure adorns the top of the large gates at the entrance to the Istanbul Archaeological Museum. I don’t know the background of the figure/face. My friends know that I can’t pass up a good door or gate!

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Haghia Sophia Inner Dome   Leave a comment

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The Magnificent Haghia Sophia, meaning “Holy Wisdom” in the original Greek tongue, was built as a Eastern Orthodox Basilica in 537. About 900 years later, under Ottoman rule, it was converted to a mosque. Under the rule of moderate Mustafa Kemal Attaturk, it was secularized and became a museum with no religious dedication.  The frescoes, tiles, adornments and sculptures are amazing and so well-preserved for a structure that is 1600 years old. Unfortunately, there are Turkish political leanings that want to bring the structure back as a mosque.  Pity.

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Cistern   1 comment

TurkeySmr14 -  427

I doubt that most would want to go into a cistern. But this happens to be one of the major tourist sites in Istanbul. A MASSIVE underground site, built from unused columns of other structures is below the old city of Istanbul. Large goldfish are easily seen in the darkness, with high contrast from up-lighting on each column.

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TurkeySmr14 -  341

This is one of our HUG students trying to understand the culture when we were in Turkey in June. During times when worshippers are not present, tourists are allowed to enter, with certain rules. All must take off their shoes, and women must cover themselves modestly and cover their head. During worship, muslim women are not allowed to be with the men.

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The Blue Mosque   Leave a comment

TurkeySmr14 -  345 (1)

Inside one of the world’s most beautiful mosques — Sultan Ahmet Mosque. Commonly called the “Blue” mosque because of the beautiful blue tiles that are on most of the inside walls, it was built in 1610 — about the time of the first settlers in Jamestown in the U.S.

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Faces   1 comment

TurkeySmr14 -  295Istanbul is fabulous. The Hippodrome is spectacular. The giant granite obelisk of Theodosius was amazing. But I was intrigued by the intaglio artwork of figures at the base of this obelisk. Their shadowy figures tell an interesting story of life from two millennia past.


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