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Sounds like an interesting read, to me! I’m taking a group of 40 to Istanbul next week, and look forward to Istanbul. This will be about my 10th group to Turkey, but I love to see it afresh in the eyes of these students.

Originally posted on The Dangerously Truthful Diary of a Sicilian Housewife:

The Turks say that Istanbul is like a prostitute – beautiful, but dangerous.

I decided to portray the intensely stimulating mix of beauty and danger, which so characterises Istanbul, in my novel “Evil Eye.”

Evil Eye

The day-dreamy heroine, Celeste, is dragged into a mysterious adventure of threats, violence and narrow escapes which makes its way though gold-filled palaces, the dazzling colours and heady scents of the bazaars, the eerie old harem packed with jewels and opium hookahs, the mosques lit by shafts of sunlight and, of course, the deep blue bosphorus which flows through the heart of the city.

I lived in Istanbul for a year when I had just finished university, in the attic room of a beautiful old mansion overlooking the Bosphorus.  The call to prayer, from a minaret right outside my bedroom window, blared out so loudly each dawn that I sprang to my feet suffering a near heart-attack…

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Beautiful Windows   Leave a comment

Beautiful Windows

Rome has some beautiful shopping displays. This one was full of fall leaves to highlight their new clothing of “Columbo.”

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It’s called the Derby. The annual “fight it out” between the two major football (soccer) teams in Athens — Panathenaikos and Olympiakos. Wild, wild. The event alternates between stadium for each game, and opposing fans are not allowed to attend.

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Panning   Leave a comment


It was a rainy day in Athens, and the streets were nearly flooded. Here I was trying to capture the action with a panning shot (relatively slow shutter speed).

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Our Olive Tree   2 comments

Our Olive Tree

We have lots of kinds of trees on campus, but the most popular Grecian tree — the Olive Tree — was missing (or so I thought) Then we retrieved a corner of overgrown vegetation and found this very old olive tree. We hired an expert to come and prune the tree, and now we are making a “secret garden” with the olive tried as the centerpiece. Maybe it will be ready by next spring!

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Halloween Face   Leave a comment

Halloween Face

We had a great costume party here at the Artemis in Greece. I’m not sure what this facial decoration means.

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Spice Mountains.   4 comments

Spice Mountains.

Hundreds of shops, selling all kinds of strange spices, are in the Istanbul “Spice Market.”

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